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Jess Jess
April 30, 2020

Our adventure gear allows us to fully experience the places we travel to and see them in many more ways that just on foot. Our adventures wouldn't have been the same without our toys.



Salsa Bikes

Our Salsa Journeyman is one of our favorite purchases. It is a gravel bike with a wheel size of 650b which makes for a comfortable off road ride. We can do pretty much everything we want with these bikes. We’ve ridden the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier NP with them, taken them down the main gravel road in Denali NP that is closed to vehicles, and the single track Flume Trail in Lake Tahoe. Eventually, we would really like to do some bike touring with them!

Bike Rack

We love our RockyMounts Swing Away Bike Rack ! Our home base is in Colorado so they are a local company for us out of Boulder which we love. We see them EVERYWHERE in Colorado. The rack is so easy to use and the swing away is clutch.

We have a dropdeck Arbor Longboard that Parker loves taking down hills.

And an Arbor Skateboard which is great for city riding.


Okay, we probably have an excessive amount of skateboards but the Riptide electric skateboard is SWEET! With a top speed of 18 MPH this board is great for cruising.

Backpacking in Alaska

It’s hard to beat spending the night in our cozy van, but we also love disconnecting even more and going farther into nature than the van can sometimes take us. Our backpacking essentials guide is coming soon!



Our Stand Up Paddleboard is inflatable which packs down super nice in the van and doesn’t take long at all to inflate/deflate.

Our paddleboard is usually our go-to water activity, but we purchased an inflatable kayak last summer after we hit the road to enhance some of our water adventures. Especially since we only have one paddleboard, it takes forever to really get anywhere so it’s nice for just a casual paddle. But when you want to, say do a 3 mile paddle in Alaska to see a glacier you can normally only get to by cruise ship, the kayak is the way to go. And they are surprisingly pretty cheap! This one is on Amazon for only $100.

We bring Parker’s Ronix Wakeboard on the road with us even though we obviously don’t have a boat. Parker’s been in the wakeboarding community for awhile and we’ve made friends through wakeboarding forums that we’ve met up with when our travels take us by their hometowns!

Parker and I both just bought new comp vests from Follow! We really like this brand not only because their life jackets are comfortable, but they are environmentally friendly. Their jackets use PVC free buoyancy foam and each jacket is made from approx 15 recycled plastic bottles. Note! These vests are not coast guard approved.

But we also have Coast Guard Approved life jackets so we don’t break the rules.

We do quite a bit of traveling in the mountains and sometimes those alpine lakes are cold enough to want a wetsuit when you get in! Parker brings a 3/2mm wetsuit with us for this reason. If the water is that cold, I usually just opt not to get in!



Parker loves his new Jones Mind Expander powder snowboard! Built with a surf inspired design and 3D Contour Base technology this board is perfect for floaty slashes in deep powder.

When it’s not a powder day, Parker rides a Never Summer Snowtrooper.

If you’re chasing powder you definitely need skis with a wide underfoot. I love my Blizzard Black Pearl skis and recommend at least having 98 underfoot for women.

My Rossignol AllTrack Ski Boots are so comfortable. They are a little soft at only an 80 flex but I still love them.

GiroSnow Helmet with MIPS technology. Protect your brain friends!

Parker and I both rock CandyGrind Mittens. I don’t really like wearing liners so I have their insulated mittens and my hands stay toasty warm. Parker prefers wearing liners with their non-insulated mittens. Either way, leather mittens are 100% the way to go on the mountain.

On days we don’t ski, we still enjoy getting outside and snowshoes allow us to do so! We love how quiet the trails are in the winter. Our favorite winter snowshoe this year was in Grand Teton National Park on a day off from skiing Jackson Hole.

Heads up! Some of our links are affiliate links which means if you choose to purchase something, we may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. As always, all of our opinions and recommendations are based on our own experiences. We appreciate your support!

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