Swap your Bench for a Bucket Seat

Jess Jess
July 27, 2020

Step 1: Find a bucket seat. We found ours on Ebay. The van it came from had been in a wreck so it was being sold for parts. The seat had no damage though other than needing a new seatbelt pretenser which is not a surprise and we'll show you how to replace it!

bucket seat

Step 2: Disconnect the battery.

battery disconnect

Step 3: Disconnect all 5 wire harnesses under bench seat.

wire harness

Step 4: Loosen bench seat bolts.

loosen bolts

Step 5: Remove bench seat!

remove bench

Step 6: Remove bottom bar of bucket seat if you have a heater.

remove bar

Step 7: Install bucket seat!

install bucket

Step 8: Remove occupancy sensor from the middle seat of the old bench seat.

occupancy sensor

Step 9: Remove both seatbelt pretensers from old bench seat.

seatbelt pretenser removal

Step 10: Swap out your new bucket seat seatbelt pretenser with one of the old bench seat seatbelt pretensers. Since the new bucket seat had been in a wreck, the seatbelt pretenser was activiated on impact from the wreck and therefore needs to be replaced but it can be replaced with one of the old bench seatbelt pretensers.

swap pretensers

Step 11: Reconnect wire harnesses. The two wire harnesses on the left will simulate the presence of the middle seat of the bench eliminating any alarms on your dash. Connect the old middle seat occupancy sensor and 2nd seatbelt pretenser here. We tucked them up under our bucket seat out of view.

reconnect wire harnesses

That's a wrap! Check out our YouTube video or leave us a comment if you have any questions!