3 Epic Bike Rides

Jess Jess
July 13, 2020

#3: Going-to-the-Sun-Road!

glacier thumbs up

In the early season, the majority of the Going-to-the-Sun-Road in Glacier National Park, Montana is closed to motor vehicles but open to... that’s right- bikers!!

parker glacier ride

It is literally one of the coolest experiences to earn the EPIC views along the Going-to-the-Sun-Road surrounded by hundreds of other bikers. Motivational phrases are written in chalk on the road and bikers descending back to the start cheer on those climbing the gruesome incline up to the summit of Logan Pass. The biker’s high and that accomplished feeling is evident on everyone’s faces at the top as they look forward to the chilly downhill cruise that awaits.

weeping wall words in snow logan pass

Pro tip: Don’t forget your windbreaker and gloves for the ride down.

glacier snow bank

We recommend starting from the Avalanche campground on the west side. It’s around 16 miles to Logan Pass with 3,200 ft vertical.

parker glacier ride gttsr views parker gttsr

#2: Winner Creek Trail!

winner creek trail

Winner Creek Trail is in Alyeska, Alaska and starts behind the Aleyska Tram. After crossing a few boardwalks you get into single track section of ups and downs, most of which are chill for gravel bikes. Three miles in you get to the highlight of the ride, the Hand Tram which you use to cross over Glacier Creek. All you have to do is hang your bike from the hooks on the tram basket and pull yourself to the other side! From there you hop on Crow Creek Road and take the gravel road 3 miles to the Girdwood Bike Path. In total it’s around an 8 mile ride.

parker biking girdwood hand tram hand tram

Pro Tip: take the bike trail an extra 3 miles to downtown Girdwood and have a post-ride beverage at Girdwood Brewing Co like the locals do.

kiss in hand tram

The hand tram is currently closed due to COVID19!

#1: Flume Trail

jess holding bike tahoe

The Flume Trail in Lake Tahoe is 14 miles one way at 7000’+ elevation. We recommend hitting up Flume Trail Mountain Bikes for their awesome shuttle service (and/or bike rentals). The shuttle will drop you off in Spooner Lake State Park. After a quick warm up you’ll start climbing and climbing over 1100 ft on a wide gravel trail. You reach the summit around mile 4 where you’re rewarded with beautiful views of Marlette Lake as you ride along its shore to connect to the infamous Flume Trail.

view from flume

Now comes the fun part. The Flume Trail is 4.5 miles of fairly flatsingle track that traverses across several narrow sections with steep dropoffs which provides the spectacular views it’s known for, but can make your stomach drop if you’re scared of heights!

jess flume jess and parker flume

The last 3 miles you descend down a gravel trail that spits you back out right at the parking lot. And now you’re ready for a dip in that gorgeous Lake Tahoe blue water.